Time Managers - PAs for your personal life
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  • Coordinate domestic projects
  • Book holidays and trips
  • Recommend restaurants and make reservations
  • Remind you of appointments and birthdays
  • Find and purchase that special gift
  • Source quotes and find the
    best deal
  • Arrange transportation
  • Collect and deliver dry cleaning
  • Tidy attic spaces or cupboards


Personal Assistance

  • Home - need to wait for a delivery or organise a serviceman?
  • Domestic - you may require a cleaner, gardener or laundry service?
  • Deliveries - forgotten to send a package or buy the groceries?
  • Social Planning - need to organise a dinner party and caterers?
  • Product Research - research for theatre tickets of restaurants?
  • Travel Planning - no time to organise last minute weekend breaks?
  • Lifestyle - source health clubs, personal trainers or
    yoga coaches?
  • Personal Admin - need help with filing or organising insurance?
  • Transport - need a chauffeur, car service or parking permits?
  • Household - require a house-sitter or dog walker?
International Concierge and Errand Association