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Time Managers is a lifestyle management company that was founded by Anna Sands a former school teacher and Caroline Harris who worked previously as a Recruitment Manager.

At work we both enjoyed successful careers and felt in control, however, outside of work we were juggling an ever-growing list of tasks we didn’t have the time or necessarily the inclination to do.

Talking to colleagues, friends and family made us realise that we were not alone in our situation and it was at this point we decided to set up Time Managers.

The concept behind Time Managers is simple; we do all the jobs that you don’t have the time to do yourself. We want our clients to enjoy what free time they have in the evenings and at weekends. Nobody likes coming home from a hard days work knowing that they have a pile of ironing and the cleaning to do before they’ve even checked to see if they have any food in the fridge. Using a lifestyle management company is one way that people can redress their work-life balance in their favour.

Given the choice most people would prefer to be out socialising, enjoying time with the kids or on the golf course and not stuck doing the supermarket shop or spending hours looking for the ideal gift as a birthday present.

Time Managers work on an hourly basis with no membership fees – you use us when you feel you need an extra pair of hands.

Time Managers are covered by public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

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